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    so folks after months and months of hard work, research, testing, doodling, emails
    & skypes... we are very proud to announce that the australian sister (literally!!)
    company of tee and toast has now launched.

    woohoo. welcome to the big world wide web

    we know there might be a few teething problems along the way so please let us know.
    we have 20% off all products for our 1st week if that makes helping us to test the site
    more tempting!



    In the meantime let me introduce you to some of our new OZZIE designs... meet the fairy small penguin.
    The Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) is the smallest species of penguin. The penguin, which usually grows to an average of 33 cm (13 in) in height and 43 cm (17 in) in length is found on the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand.

    In Australia, they are also referred to as Fairy Penguins because of their tiny size.

    Check the penguin parade out here!